#100scientists 2023

El próximo 10 de febrero, 576 #100tíficas visitarán 512 colegios para decirles a los niños y niñas que en el futuro pueden llegar a ser lo que quieran.

Maria Bouabdellah y David Its Me, del programa Ràndom del canal SX3, presentan aquí el proyecto #100tíficas, coorganizado por la FCRI y el BIST con la colaboración de la Generalitat de Catalunya.

Proyectad este video antes de la charla con vuestra #100tífica para crear expectativas a los estudiantes y estimularlos para que hagan preguntas y aprovechen al máximo la charla.

This year we celebrate the 5th edition of #100tíficas on Friday, February 10th, 2023, on the occasion of the International Day of Women and Girls in Science.

This edition includes two major events or activities that will take place on the following days:

February 2nd

#100tífiques Meet-up (from both public and private system)

February 10th

#100tífiques simultaneous talks in schools throughout Catalonia (students from 6th grade and 1st CSE – Compulsory Secondary Education)

Training sessions will also be offered to #100tífiques and teachers to prepare the simultaneous talks on February 10th.

Programme of the two events

Arrival and registration of participants

Institutional welcome

  • Ada Colau, mayoress of Barcelona
  • Andreu Mas-Colell, president of BIST
  • Jordi Martí, Sixth Deputy Mayor of Barcelona City Council, director of the Area - Area of Culture, Education, Science and Community
  • Josep Gonzàlez-Cambray, conseller d’Educació
  • Tània Verge, minister for Feminisms and Equality
  • Joaquim Nadal i Farreres, minister of Research and Universities and president of the Catalan Foundation for Research and Innovation

Presentation of the program #100tífiques 2023. Núria Bayó Puxan, Director of Programs at BIST, and Susaina Figuera, Head of Innovation at FCRI

    Role models for girls. The role of researchers. Liat Ben David, CEO of the Davidson Institute for Science Education
    Lead in the scientific environment in private companies and public bodies. Teresa Tarragó, CEO of Exheus, and Elvan Böke, Principal Researcher at the CRG
    How do we manage to position ourselves in the work environment? Alicia Marín Muniesa, Coach and expert in female leadership
    End of the act

    #100tífiques and teachers Training

    We offer two training sessions for the participants. The first session (17 January) will be held in Catalan, but the training session of 25 January will have Catalan groups and English groups. You can register here.

    You can check other resources from the past edition that are in English:



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